Tata Swach Non Electric Smart 15-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier Review

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Introduction and little something about the Tata Swach Non-Electric Water Purifier

Tata entered into the water purification industry with a mindset and a mission to provide clean water to everyone regardless of any income group. The commitment to provide affordable water purification solutions is fulfilled with its Tata Swach non-electric water purifier. It is smart, affordably priced, user friendly and low-maintenance water purifier. By launching this non-electric smart water purifier, Tata has followed the ongoing trend and rightly sensed the need of compact and movable devices at home. Now it is a leader in this genre of water purifier.


Tata Swach non-electric water purifier is a great appliance to be a part of your home, when it comes to smartly curing the water for drinking. Why it is called smart? The following features best describe its efficient functioning to term it as a smart purifier.

Features of Tata Swach Non Electric Smart 15-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

Attractive Body

It has an eye-catching appearance, no doubt about this. You can see as it does its task of purifying silently, through its translucent body, an upper transparent portion and the lower section semi-transparent. The body is made up of durable and dependable ABS plastic, which is also un-breakable. The Tata Swach water Purifier is available in two attractive colors, sapphire blue and sea-green, reminding you of the freshness of an ocean. The body is fully sealed, leaving no chances of leakage from any part of water container. With its vibrant looks, It will underscore your home décor effortlessly.

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Long life filter

The filter forms the heart of every water purifier. If you want to select a water purifier, its filter should be the deciding factor. The filter cartridge used in Tata Swach purifier works for minimum 3000 litres, before it needs to be replaced. Compared to other filters in this category of water purifiers, it has the longest lifespan. When you need, it is very easy to replace the cartridge by following a simple one step process.

Modular Technology

Save Electricity! Save Water! This is the motto you follow, if you care about the environment surrounding you. This water purifier is surely going to impress you with its environment friendliness just like you, since it works without electricity. It also does not need a continuous water supply. Designed for Indian homes, the benefits of safe water can be affordable whether for urban or rural families of any size.

Auto shut off technology

This feature allows you to use clean and tasteful water without any break due to auto shut off mechanism. This useful feature automatically shuts the water supply off once the cartridge filter expires.

Benefits of Tata Swach Non Electric Smart 15-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

The total capacity of Tata Swach water purifier is 15 litres, with 7.5 litres of water storage capacity. The water capacity is large enough even for bigger families. Due to its compact and handy shape, moving the Tata Swach water purifier from one place to another is very convenient. It weighs only 1.7Kg when empty.

Its purification mechanism is based on the Silver Nano technology which cleans the water from bacteria and virus water effectively. It comes in a nice from packing and is very easy to assemble by following instructions from the user-manual, you get along with the pack.

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The biggest advantage is that this water purifier does not need a power supply. So you will save electricity and you don’t have to worry about getting clean drinking water, if you live in some area where getting continuous power supply is not available.

The Tata Swach Non Electric Smart 15-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier does not use any kind of chemical treatment for purifying water. So you will always get the purest water.



Tata Swach has bagged a series of awards for its quality and innovative technologies. To name a few, Wall street Journal Asian innovation awards, Product of the year award, FICCI water awards and the latest is ET Best promising awards 2015. All these accolades are a testament to Tata’s commitment in Swach water campaign. The Brainchild of one of the largest business houses, Tata Swach meets the strict US EPA standards to serve the basic human right of “safe drinking water”. Designed specifically for Indian homes, it fits your budget as well.

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