Protek Elite Plus 12 L Ro+ UV+ UF & TDS Technology and L.E.D Indication Water Purifier

Introduction and little something about the Pureit Marvella

You must be aware of the fact that water purifiers are a must have in today’s time. By improving the quality of water, water filters help in maintaining the digestive system and healthy gut. By installing this kitchen appliance, you can simply save yourself and your family from a long list of diseases. Drinking clean water has more benefits than you know.

As you know, the quality and purity of water is deteriorating day by day. Pollution and pesticides are the main cause behind it. Apart from this, there are lots of other factors that influence the quality of water.

The basis of our survival, water is life source of various diseases and illness. You must have observed that many common diseases we see are water-borne. Most of the mass spread diseases also originate because of dirty drinking water. Many bacteria and virus originate in dirty water and cause water-borne diseases.

That is why doctors’ advice you to take precautions with drinking water. But taking precautions are not enough always. You have to treat water properly to make it drinkable and healthy.

Investing in a right water purifier is very important for you and your family and life. So, if you are concerned about the health and wellness of your family, this water purifier review is surely going to help you.

Protek elite water purifiers are known for their excellent features, amazing functionality and impeccable service of the brand. Well-suited for the Indian circumstances, these are an ideal addition to your kitchen. It provides excellent results with municipal/tap water.

Read to know more about the features of this feature rich water purifier brand. This review will definitely help you to analyze how Protek water purifier suits your lifestyle.

Feature of Protek Water Purifier

  • Looks: The ergonomic design of the Protek water purifier compliments your kitchen perfectly. Its black color suits the modern kitchens completely and fits everywhere. The hard body of the purifier is rust proof. It can be easily cleaned with soapy water. The LED display on the body of the purifier displays its On/Off, Purifying or Tank Full status. The sturdy body of the purifier assures its long life.
  • The tap of the water purifier is made from ABS plastic that is quite durable. It is advised to handle the tap of the purifier with great care.  The attractive looks of the water purifier makes it a must have kitchen appliance.
  • Capacity: If you have a small family, the storage capacity of this water purifier is more than sufficient for you. It can store 12- liter purified water in one go. The automatic functioning of the purifier gets it filling time to time. It avails you purified water in most hassle free manner. It purifies 15 liter water per hour with automatic on/off feature.
  • Operations: You will be impressed to know the great functionality of this water purifier. It purifies water using Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultra Violet (UV) processes. Protek elite water purifier is also featured with TDS balancer. It is loaded with pre-filter and all filtering devices, stored in the water tank. The product is loaded with real reverse osmosis technology with supreme quality filters which will really amaze you.
  • It works up to 2000 TDS with a rejection rate of 90%.
  • This fact will surprise you that Protek elite water purifier removes up to 99% contaminants and makes water fit for drinking purposes. The advanced technology of the water purifier has a mineral chamber as well. It performs the function of adding minerals to the drinking water which is good for you and your family’s health.   
  • Warranty: One of the best features of Protek water purifier is that it is loaded with 1-year warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee with full technical support. You can ask for technical support at customer care number 1800-200-1577.
  • Installation: The installation of Protek water purifier is quite simple and easy. The company takes care of the installation process. You will have to pay a sum of Rs 350 extra in the name of installation.
  • As per your convenience, you can keep the water purifier on the slab or can mount it on a wall. If you have a small kitchen you can easily mount it on the wall and use it comfortably. The installation is so easy that you can install it by yourself even.
  • Power: Protek water purifier consumes an input voltage of 230 V. You do not need to worry much about its power consumption because it works on power cut mode.

Like any other product Protek water purifier has its own pros and cons. A few cons are really adjustable and one does not need to bother much about them.


  • It purifies water from any source and converts its taste into a sweeter one. The pure and sweet taste of the water assures its purity.
  • The TDS level of this water purifier is easily adjustable. You can set it according to your taste and requirement.
  • If compared on its cost perspective, this water purifier is a value for money product.


  • The storage tank of the water purifier is made up of very cheap quality plastic.
  • A few complaints of water leaking from the plastic body joints have been observed.
  • The services of the company need huge improvement. The technicians do not respond to the calls and do not take complaints seriously. So in case you are using this water purifier it is better to find a local service person. Do not depend on the company’s service team.
  • The LED panels of the water purifier are not much reliable. They stop working after a short passage of time. This can actually trouble you.

We found that the storage tank of the water purifier is made up of cheap quality plastic. (But at this price range it can be ignored)

The technicians do not respond to the calls and do not take complaints seriously. So in case you are using this water purifier it is better to find a local service person. Do not depend on the company’s service team.

  • Conclusion: I hope you will find the article informative and accurate. Protek water purifier is best in its range and worth giving a try. You are definitely going to like this product. 

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