Kent Maxx 7-Litre Water Purifier Review

Introduction and little something about the Kent Maxx 7-Litre Water Purifier

Water is vital for human life existence. This truth is proven by the fact that while looking for the signs of life on other planets, the scientists try to see if water is available for the possibility of life. The water source is pivotal for the civilization. Today many countries are facing the disastrous conditions arising due to waterborne disease, in the absence of clean and healthy drinking water. This may become too dangerous for the mankind.

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Several methods of purification of water have been developed and are being used. Kent-Maxx-7-Litre-Water-Purifier is one such purifier that meets required standards to deliver safe and bacteria-free water safe for the human life. The innovative water purifier is good-looking as well as has impressed the customers with its technologically advanced double purification. Let us throw some light on this astonishing fully automatic water purifier.

Features of Kent Maxx 7-Litre Water Purifier

Design and construction

Made from ABS food grade sturdy plastic, ensures the water is free from unsafe chemicals. Among all the UV purifiers in the market, the Kent-Maxx-7-Litre-Water-Purifier is the only purifier with a detachable water storage tank. The tank is fully transparent and can be easily detached for cleaning purpose. The Kent Maxx purifier can be installed as a countertop or wall mounted.

UV + UF double purification

The UV rays that emanate from high power UV Lamp of 11 watts deactivates harmful micro-organisms completely. The UF membrane with its fine pores eradicates all the viruses and cysts from the water, providing you healthy and tasty water.

Auto shut off technology

The UV Lamp has its own life and The UF membrane has also its own life cycle. On the expiry of any one or both, an auto alarm will alert you to change the required filter and the computer controlled timer auto shuts off the power supply to the unit, only to ensure that you or your family member does not consume contaminated water.

Highly protected membrane

The UF membrane is the heart of any UF based purifier, but this high quality thin membrane is highly protected from any exterior damage with the state-of-the-art spin-welded housing. It not only prevents any tampering of the membrane but also increases the life-duration of the UF membrane.

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Built-in voltage stabilizer

The power conditions in India are quite well known and keeping this in mind, the innovative engineering team of Kent has rightly incorporated SMPS (switch mode power supply) to stabilize any disturbance in the power supply.

Other features

  • Leakage free push-fit technology
  • Fully automatic working with auto shut off and on according to water level
  • Certified for efficiency and quality from the USA based WQA laboratory.
  • High purification rate of 60L per hour
  • Light weight design with only 6.10 Kg weight
  • 1 year warranty on electrical and mechanical components, UF and UV filters.

Benefits of Kent Maxx 7-Litre Water Purifier

Although the Kent Maxx water purifier is suitable for water source low in TDS (total dissolved solids) levels, the quality and the taste of water from this purifier produces is simply outstanding. The quality has been checked at the reputed laboratories of the USA and Europe. Its fully transparent body helps you to view the purified water and can be easily cleaned while it is installed.

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The life of UF membrane is extended due to the advanced protective housing. So, it makes this purifier economical as well. The Kent Maxx 7 liter water purifier is being sold on Amazon at un-believable 22% discounts on MRP.

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If any of your close friends or relatives has not yet availed the benefits of a water purifier, then get Kent Maxx 7 liter water purifier as a gift for a special occasion. He surely will be quite glad to receive such a magnificent and thoughtful gift. The water purifier is hassle free considering its simple installation and usage procedure. The fully automatic operation lets you to relax while it provides uninterrupted hygienic drinking water. Get this eye-catching and efficient purifier for your kitchen to impress your guests.

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