HUL PureitWPAD100-Advanced-23 litre water Purifier review

HUL Pureit WPAD100 Advanced 23-Litre Water Purifier

Introduction and little something about the HUL Pureit

Hindustan Unilever Limited has an ambitious vision of sustainable growth and a great sense of contributing to various social causes. With last quarters’ financial results illustrating a double figure growth in water purifier manufacturers category, it is a proof of the trust people have shown towards HUL water purifiers.

Pureit-WPAD100-Advanced-23-Litre is one such widely accepted model. The purifier has received positive feedback from its customers due to its high efficiency of purification and being ergonomically designed.


Available in sparkling blue color, Pureit-WPAD100-Advanced-23-Litre water purifier removes viruses and bacteria in water with its programmable state-of-the-art germ kill processor. Backed by a large customer support network, HUL is one brand you can trust blindly.

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Features of HUL PureitWPAD100-Advanced-23 litre water Purifier

Practical Design

The purifier does not need any electricity or continuous water supply. It not only supports the global cause of “Save Energy! Save Water!”, but also minimizes your monthly utility bills.

Double Purification

Pureit WPAD100 Advanced water purifier consists of 2-stage purification system. At 1st stage, water passes through the germikill processor, where all harmful viruses and bacteria are removed. The water then passes through the advanced microfiber mesh, where visible dirt and precipitated metallic impurities get eliminated. After this carbon polisher removes harmful parasites and chlorine from the water to give clear odorless water.

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In the 2nd stage of purification, water reaches micro charged membrane, where it is purified once again to give you the assurance of double protection and double safety.

GermiKill Life indicator

An indicator is provided on the front panel, which will light up in case the germikilll processor expires. It lets you know when to replace it so that you always drink fresh and clean water.

Auto Shut off

Once germikill processor expires, the advanced mechanism will prevent the water reaching germicheck filter, much to your convenience.

Sturdy body

The body is made up of ABS plastic which is known for its toughness. It is food grade quality and ensures odorless water, free from all impurities.

US certification

The PureitWPAD100 Advanced water purifier has been certified for quality by the environmental Protection Agency.

Maintenance free design

The assembly and functioning of PureitWPAD100 Advanced water purifier are very simple and there is no need to go for Annual Maintenance Contract.

Benefits of PureitWPAD100 Advanced 23-liter water purifier

The PureitWPAD100 Advanced water purifier has the capacity to kill over 100 million viruses from 1 liter of water. With 23 litres of total purifier size and storage capacity of 9 litres is large enough to let average size families enjoy un-interrupted clean water.

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The irregular electricity and water supply in India is very obvious and keeping these conditions in view, HUL has designed this modular non-electric water purifier. The component that makes its technology advanced as compared to other purifiers in its class is the presence of activated carbon filter that traps all the pesticides and foul smell and gives clean and tasty water.

The taps are the most used and sensitive components of water purifiers. HUL know this well. So it has tested the taps rigorously to ensure that the tap is break resistant and lasts long. Although the purifier does not need any installation or maintenance due to its trouble-free design, yet the company offers a 6 month warranty to ensure any kind of support, you may need in any kind of manufacturing flaws in the model.


Final Words

There are no shortcuts to stay healthy. Bearing in mind the water conditions in India, it is essential and a basic human-right to have the clean drinking water for ourselves and our loved ones. The WPAD100-Advanced-23-Litre water purifier is cost-effective and fits very nicely in every household’ needs as well as financial limitations. It is easy to handle and maintain, provides clean water better than any other purifiers with same capacity and price.

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