HUL Pureit WPUV100 Marvella UV 4-Litre Water Purifier Review

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HUL Pureit WPUV100 Marvella

Over 2.2 million people lose their life due to water borne diseases, as reported by World Health Organization. The situation is more grim in developing countries like India, where children are worst affected. The water available must be cleaned and purified before being used for drinking or cooking. Hindustan Lever Limited has been working on developing effective and eco-friendly water purifiers since long time. Pureit Marvella UV water purifier is one such well-designed and rightly-priced purifier for budget households in India.

The quality of water purified by HUL WPUV100 water purifier meets international quality standards for drinking water and the certifications bestowed on this model, from following premium institutes are testament to its quality. Few of them are-

  • London School Of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Institution of Public Health Engineers, India
  • Central Food Technological Research Institute


“ Children are happy and so are we since we are getting pure water ” is a comment from one of the satisfied user of the Pureit UV water purifier. Let us find out its features below.

Features of HUL Pureit WPUV100 Marvella

4-stage Purification System

The Pureit Marvella is the most advanced UV water purifier, which utilizes stringent 4 levels of purification.

  • Stage1: Sediment Filter removes fine and coarse particulate impurities.
  • Stage2: Activated Carbon Filter eliminates chlorine and harmful pesticides and absorbs other odor causing compounds.
  • Stage3: Sediment Plus Filter ensures that no carbon particles and other impurities enter the UV chamber.
  • Stage4: UV Lamp emits high intensity UV rays to deactivate viruses, parasites and bacteria present in the water ensuring that clean water passes to purified water tank.

Intelligent Alert system

The germikill processor system is pre-programmed to warn you 15 days in advance about its expiry. The intelligent way to alert you in advance allows you to take necessary action of changing the filter saving your precious time and effort. The filter kit runs for purifying 3000 liters of water. The advanced alert system also shuts off the water supply, in case it senses the expiry of the filter. The cutoff is released once the kit is replaced.

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Design and Capacity

The impeccable sleek design will impress you and various LED indicators like tank full, purification on/off, change CSF are provided for the comfort of users. It has a net weight of 4Kg and dual option of using it as wall mounted or counter top. The storage capacity of the purified water tank is 4 liters and water flows at the rate of 650ml per minute.

Other Features

  • The body is made up of ABS food grade material
  • Inbuilt voltage stabilizer to control fluctuations and spikes.
  • The UV lamp has long life of 11000 hours
  • Spill proof design prevents water wastage.
  • Tap is break resistant, tested 50,000 times to ensure its durability

Benefits of HUL Pureit WPUV100 Marvella UV 4-Litre Water Purifier

This purifier removes almost 1 crore viruses from 1 liter of water, allowing you to drink safe and healthy water. The lightweight WPUV100 Marvella is a compact purifier and can be mounted on wall as well as kept on kitchen counter depending upon the space, you have.

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One of the major advantages of Pureit WPUV100 water purifier is that it is fully automatic and is equipped with LED displays for vital warnings like tank full or the expiry of kit. The indicators on the front are clear, missing in the competitor models. There is also no need to purchase any extra voltage regulator since it has an inbuilt voltage stabilizer.

There is no need to pay for service charges while getting any part replaced from company. You have to pay only for parts. The purifier comes with detailed instruction manual and carries 1 year warranty.



With long life of UV lamp, advanced 4 stage purification and dual installation option, the Pureit WPUV100 Marvella UV 4-Litre Water Purifier is an outstanding model in the market of UV based purifiers. It is highly recommended for purifying water from municipal as well as bore well water sources.


Out of total 198 Amazon buyers of HUL Pureit Marvella Slim RO Water Purifier, more than 85 % have rated it with 4-5 stars. Here is our recommendation for this efficient water purifier.

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