Eureka Forbes Aquasure Crystal UV Water Purifier Review

Introduction and little something about the Eureka Forbes Aquasure

The water sources differ at one location from another. It is easy to choose a water purifier if you know the water source available at your place of residence.

Crafted to meet the requirements of modern day families, Eureka Forbes Aquasure Crystal UV Water Purifier has won many accolades for its elegant design and efficient working.

It is the “passion to deliver quality products” that drives Eureka Forbes to incorporate innovation and style in its products to meet the customer expectations of safe and healthy living. With reasonable price and astonishing appearance, Eureka Forbes Aquasure Crystal UV Water Purifier is highly recommended.

To have a better overview, let’s dig deep into to learn about its features.

Features of ​Eureka Forbes Aquasure Water Purifier

Regulated Power supply

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Crystal UV Water Purifier is designed by taking into account the Indian power supply conditions.

Whether the power supply is high or low, the Aquasure Crystal UV Water Purifier will never fail in its efficient purification process.

It has inbuilt voltage stabilizer, which maintains the desired voltage, free from any spikes or fluctuations. Apart from this amazing inbuilt feature, it also has an energy saver mode.

By selecting this mode, you can save electricity since it will use power only when necessary.

Advanced Filtration

The water has to pass through three stages of purification before it becomes available to you.

The purifier utilizes a computerized monitoring system to test the purification and a high grade quartz column effectively disinfects the water.

The multi-stage purification ensures clean and healthy water, free from sediments, dirt, bacteria and viruses.

The water that we receive from municipal water supply is normally hard water, which is not only harmful to health but also clogs drains and taps.

To convert hard water into usable soft water, Eureka Forbes Aquasure UV purifier uses decalcifier to remove the calcium and other minerals not required in water.

Intelligent design

This UV purifier from Eureka Forbes is a wall mounting model, which complements the kitchen decor easily and saves the space on the kitchen counter as well. 

The purifier is not only attractive in looks but also smart in its functioning.

Designed for Indian homes, it does not waste water, which is scarcely available in urban homes in India.

The flow rate of 2 litres per minute is also quite impressive, saving valuable time, when you need clean drinking water urgently.

The innovative column design and anti-drip technology makes it an excellent choice among the water purifier available for homes.


​Out of total 100 Amazon buyers of Eureka Forbes Aqua sure Crystal UV Water Purifier, more than 60% of them, have rated it with 4-5 stars. Here is our recommendation for this stunning water purifier.


What we liked

  • Taking into account the drinking water conditions in India, choosing a right purifier is really a big challenge. Eureka Forbes Aquasure crystal UV water purifier stands tall among other UV-based purifiers.
  • It removes all the waterborne bacteria and viruses to provide you clean and odorless sweet tasting water.
  • The multi-stage water purification of Eureka Forbes Aqua sure Crystal UV Water Purifier is the best in its class of purifiers and the life of the filter cartridge is quite long as it runs efficiently for purifying up to 6000 litres of water.
  • Another advantage of buying Aquasure Crystal UV water purifier from Eureka Forbes (which we feel personaly) is its prompt customer service and one year warranty from the date of installation.(But few cities like Jaipur has faced some issue regarding service)
  • In our locality voltage fluctuation is a big issue thanks to the inbuilt SMPS in Aquasure Crystal we are now tension free. So if you are in same situation don't look anywhere else.
  • We are amazed by Great Water dispensing rate nearly around couple of litre in a minute.
  • Last but not least price range is also quite affordable. For some discount click here.

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